20 cool origami tutorials kids and adults will love!

In today’s post: These 20 cool origami tutorials will have you folding amazing origami designs in no time!

Origami is kind of like magic. You turn flat, boring paper into a three dimensional object using nothing but simple folds – it’s really pretty amazing. Kids love origami, and it’s a great way to keep them from going crazy on rainy days when they’re stuck inside. Origami can be a calming activity for adults, too. I like it for the same reason I like mowing the lawn: it’s something I can do that no one will undo within 15 minutes (heaven help me, I’ve swept my kitchen floor like 80 times already today!). Today I’ve gathered 20 cool origami tutorials for you. Most of them are fairly simple, with just a few offering a bit of a challenge, so most of them will be accessible for kids as well as adults. Enjoy!

20 fun, easy, cool origami tutorials for kids and adults.

NOTE: As with all roundups, if you’d like to pin an individual photo, please click through to the original source first. Feel free to pin the collage image above to remember where to find all these tutorials in one place! – thanks!

20 cool origami tutorials

1. Print + fold origami bookmarks by It’s Always Autumn

Cute folded bookmarks! Seven different woodland animal origami bookmark templates. Just print, cut, and fold. How to make a corner bookmark.


2. Easy stars from paper strips at the Minna May Blog:

Paper origami stars tutorial

3. Tiny bypyramid boxes from Mr. Printables:

Little origami pyramid boxes in rainbow colors

4. Pretty origami flowers from What Will We Do Today:

Origami flower made from map paper

5. Cool origami accordion balls from Minieco:

Cool origami accordian balls

6. Business card holder from How About Orange:

Folded origami business card holders

7. Tessellated bracelets from Fiber Lab (an etsy store that sells amazing origami paper lamp shades and home decor). Scroll down to find the link to the instructions:

Origami bracelets in many colors

8. Origami Easter bunnies from Gathering Beauty:

Cool origami tutorials for kids and adults!


9. Super easy folded house that kids can decorate and play with from tuts+:

Little house made from folded paper along with tiny toy people

10. Cool origami paper cube video tutorial on Between the Lines:

Origami boxes

11. Video tutorial for the sweet folded origami dresses from WeddingMagazineUK:

Origami dresses hanging on a clothesline

12. Simple origami jumping frogs from It’s Always Autumn:

nice photo instructions show how to hold an origami jumping frog. looks easy enough for kids!

13. Dollar bill t-shirt from Doodlecraft Blog:

Dollar bill folded to look like a shirt and tie

14. Gorgeous origami butterflies from The Things She Makes:

Folded origami butterflies

15. These little frames are not technically origami, since you have to cut the paper first, but they’re too cool not to include! Look for the black circle at the end of the post to download the template. From Kreativ Buehne:

Small folded picture frames with quotes inside

16. Easy origami envelopes from Gathering Beauty

Origami envelopes

17. Basic origami boat from My Kids’ Adventures:

Folded paper boats

18. This tutorial for origami paper hearts is in German, but there’s a great diagram that looks simple enough to follow. from K. Design:

Origami hearts made into a garland

19. Cute origami bear from All For The Boys:

Origami bear made from a lunch sack

20. Easy origami treat boxes from Vitamini Handmade:

Easy origami candy boxes


20 cool origami tutorials - great for adults or kids!

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