20 coolest toys you can make from cardboard

I’ve always been amazed at how much fun my kids can have with a cardboard box. Seriously, why spend so much money on toys when they can have just as much fun with a big cardboard box? And, thanks to all the smart people on the internet (it’s good there are some of those, considering how many dumb people there are on the internet…but I digress…) you can transform a cardboard box into some really fantastic toys that your kids will have even more fun with. Some of these ideas would be fun to make with your kids (a great activity for the long, dark days of winter that are rapidly approaching), while others would make pretty awesome Christmas gifts (I defy you to find a kid under 5 who wouldn’t be thrilled to see that stuffed animal bed or interlocking castle under the tree).

collage of fun cardboard toys

So here are the 20 coolest toys you can make for your kids from cardboard:

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1. Noah’s Ark from the Craft Train

Noah's ark made from a cardboard box

2. Shoebox Schoolhouse from MollyMooCrafts

School room for lego minifigs made from a cardboard box

3. Cardboard box TV from Estefi Machado

Little girl sitting inside a box made to look like a TV

4. Monster jaws from It’s Always Autumn

Cardboard monster toy

5. Rocket from

Kid playing with a rocket made from cardboard

6. Peg doll winter wonderland scene from Mr. Printables

Winter play scene made from cardboard

7. Mini foosball table from U-Create Crafts

Kids playing with a foosball table toy you can make from cardboard box

8. Sewing Machine from Little Red Window

DIY cardboard box play sewing machine

9. DIY cardboard doll bed (with template) from Jennifer Kirk at Hellobee

Stuffed animal in a toy bed made from cardboard

10. Toy oven from Ikat Bag

An oven made from a large cardboard box

11. Box vehicles from Emilia Keriene (ambulance, tractor, fire truck, and more!)

Fire engine made from a cardboard box

12. Interlocking castle from Mer Mag

Castle made from cardboard

13. Horse stable from Mer Mag

DIY horse stable made from cardboard and duct tape

14. Trainville from Ikat Bag

Christmas train toy made from cardboard

15. Cardboard camera from MollyMooCrafts

A toy camera made from cardboard

16. Cash Register from Pink Stripey Socks

A toy grocery register made from cardboard

17. Collapsible cardboard playhouse from Jennifer Kirk via SheKnows

A collapsible play house made from a large cardboard box and duct tape

18. Pizza oven from Made By Joel

A pizza oven made from a cardboard box

19. Parking garage from La Factoria Plastica

A cardboard garage for toy cars

20. Recycled Dollhouse from Cakies

Girl playing with doll house made from cardboard

collage of cardboard toys

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