Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod

You have spent a lot of time on the popular video game Battlefield 3? Maybe you also like to take some time to create an awesome Battlefield 3 case mod just like the following one.

Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod

This is an exquisite computer case mod based on the popular first-person shooter video game Battlefield 3. As we can see from the images, the computer case features an airbrushed Battlefield themed image on one side, a front-facing gunsight-like fan with LED light, above the large intake fan there is a hidden spinning chain gun. Just turning on the military toggle switch, you can activate the powerful chain gun. Apart from that, the case mod also features a drink fridge so you can enjoy your favorite drinks between battles, and the transparent side side plate allows you to see the internal structures and stunning LED lights. After the break, check out the images about the Battlefield 3 case mod.

Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod

Additionally, also don’t miss other wonderful case mods such as the BioShock themed computer case mod, Wall-E computer case mod and more “case mod” via tag.

Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod
Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod Awesome Battlefield 3 Case Mod

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