Build A Snowman Printable Activity Kit

This Build A Snowman Printable Activity Kit is a darling craft for kids of all ages! Follow the legend, and they’ll have a cute snowman that’s just as special and unique as they are!

Here are a few more snowman activities and free tutorials we think your kids will LOVE – Fingerprint Snowman Ornament, Roll a Snowman Dice Game, and Popsicle Stick Snowmen Ornaments.

Build A Snowman Activity Kit

This Build A Snowman Activity Kit was inspired by a fun project my daughter did years ago with her Kindergarten class. Her teacher sent each of the kids home with a legend and instructions on how to build a snowman based on their likes, dislikes, and physical characteristics.

We had so much fun working on this snowman craft together, that I decided to make it into a printable kit for my preschoolers, and I’m sharing it today on the blog so you can try it too!

This snowman activity is perfect for just one or two kids or it can be done in a huge group.

My daughter’s teacher put all the snowmen from her students on and around the bulletin board outside their classroom. The variety was adorable! I think it would be cute to do this with your family and display your family of snowmen in your home for the winter.

Whether you need a fun game for the long winter months or a great quiet sensory activity for your lesson plan, there are tons of ideas and variations to this fun build! Are you ready to make your own?

Build A Snowman Activity Kit with paper plates, scissors, tape and crayons on the counter

Build A Snowman Activity Kit


  • Build A Snowman Printables (download the entire set of coloring pages/ snowman shapes for free down below)
  • white paper plates (any size will work!)
  • crayons, markers, or any other type of coloring supplies
  • pair of scissors
  • tape
Build A Snowman Activity Kit


Print off the quantity of kits that you’ll need on regular printer paper so that each child will have their own snowman printables. The blank snowman printables are all black and white so you won’t even need a color printer. (Nice way to save some $$$)

Following the included legend, have the children color and cut out the snowman body parts and accessories that apply to them.

For example:

  • If they like snowy days, they’ll color and cut out the polka dot scarf.
  • If they like sunny days, they’ll color and cut out the striped scarf.
  • If they have long hair, they’ll color and cut out the carrot nose.
  • If they have short hair, they’ll color and cut out the button nose.
Build A Snowman Activity Kit

Assemble their unique (and adorable) snowman using tape (I found this works and holds better than a glue stick).

Build A Snowman Activity Kit

Finally, display for everyone to see!

This is such a creative activity for kids to do! And let’s be honest, parents will love getting in on the action, which makes it a perfect take-home activity for kids! The process is so simple:

Build A Snowman Activity Kit

Who knew a few pieces of paper could be so cute?

Delicious Snowman Treats –

It’s fun to snack on snowmen treats while working on this project! Grab a plastic baggie or cello bags and fill them with ingredients that look like snowman parts – pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, large marshmallows, mini marshmallows, candy corn, etc. OR make any of the following –

  • Melted Snowman Cookies
  • Snowman Bark
  • Snowman Rice Krispies
  • Snowman Treat Bag Toppers
  • Snowman Poop Tic Tac Labels

Free Printable Snowman Sets

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We give permission for you to print enough copies of this free printable snowman template for each child in your family/ class so that they have their own paper snowman set. Please do not mass-produce these, sell the printed sets or digital file, or claim them to be your own. Thanks for understanding!

collage of pictures showing how to make a snowman from a paper plate

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