Build Your Own TARDIS Bedside Table with Built-in Lamp

No doubt, the bedside table can satisfy your desire to own the Doctor’s TARDIS, but you have to build the Doctor Who TARDIS bedside table by yourself. Fortunately, we have got the guidelines for the great creation.

DIY TARDIS Bedside Table with Built-in Lamp

Red5ive, a senior craftsman from instructables built the awesome Doctor Who themed bedside table. As shown in the images, the bedside table is shaped as a small-sized TARDIS, and it features highly exquisite details and accurate colors, meanwhile, its light-up interior delivers more realistic visual effect.

The craftsman utilized natural wood to build the TARDIS bedside table is made from natural wood and there’s an integrated desk lamp on the top of the “time machine”. Although without the TARDIS’s top light, apparently the alternative makes the replica more functional.

DIY TARDIS Bedside Table with Built-in Lamp

The generous maker has unveiled all steps for the TARDID bedside table. If you want to make it by yourself, jump to instructables for its more details. BTW, also don’t miss Doctor Who TARDIS lamp and more geek gadgets by following tags.

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