Foldables: Make an 8-page mini book from one sheet of paper!

In today’s post: Learn how to make an 8-page mini foldable book from one sheet of paper! Free printable template so your kids can design their own books. Easy foldables idea.

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for easy art projects my kids can do. And by easy, I mean projects that don’t involve glitter, glue, or anything else that will make me rue the day I allowed my children to use them. At the same time, I want something that’s fun enough to capture my kids’ imagination and hopefully keep them busy for a while. These mini foldable books are the perfect kid project! With a couple of folds you can turn one sheet of paper into an 8-page book complete with a title page on the front and an author page on the back.

Little paper book that has been folded from one sheet of paper - foldable book

Fun foldables idea: Mini book from one sheet of paper

My two elementary school age kids had a blast with these! Designing a mini book is much more fun that coloring on a blank sheet of paper. We started with this:

Mini book foldable paper template

And after a bit of folding and a simple cut, ended up with foldable books…

Little paper book

…they could write and illustrate themselves!

Inner page of a foldable paper book

It was pretty fun to see them both hard at work on their books.

Kids look at little paper books they made

I made a few extra mini foldable books and tossed them in the bag I take to church, along with some colored pencils. My kids sat coloring quietly while (hopefully) listening to the speakers – it was great!

How to make a mini foldable book from one sheet of paper

My kids learned how to make these books at school; they’re called “foldables”. To give the book a title page on the front cover and an author page on the back cover, I created a printable template. Download the template by clicking here.

Print out your template at full size or 100% on plain 8.5×11 printer paper. You can use white or colored paper, just don’t use cardstock or it will be too thick to fold nicely.

Stack of little paper books in different colors

Then watch this video to see how to turn one sheet of paper into a foldable book:

Foldables are pretty fun! If you want to learn how to make different types of foldables, check out this link.

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Printable template for making a mini book from one sheet of paper

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