Homemade Space Invaders Mini Arcade Cabinet

We can enjoy various games with iPhone or popular handheld game consoles, but for a senior arcade game geek, a homemade arcade cabinet apparently is more suitable such as the Space Invaders mini arcade cabinet.

Homemade Space Invaders Mini Arcade Cabinet


This is a tiny-size arcade cabinet that just measures 7 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches. The maker, Victor from Australia used a tiny joystick and buttons purchased via the Internet as the control system, while the cabinet is constructed of MDF. Inside, Victor placed a Gameboy Advance SP (GBA SP) as the core of the arcade cabinet, therefore, although the mini arcade cabinet has a title of Space Invaders, yet you can use the arcade cabinet to enjoy all kinds of retro GBA games. Well, after the break, check out the demo video.

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