How to Build A Life-Size Batmobile Tumbler

Unlike that street legal 1989 Batmobile, the Batmobile Tumbler is just a replica without engine, but the builder has released a guide that may bring you some inspiration for your next Batman themed creation.

A Life-Size Batmobile Tumbler

Dvda2108, a Belgian crafter built the pretty cool life-size Tumbler replica for the international cartoon festival held in Belgium. The Batman’s Tumbler measures 170 x 515 x 303cm, and as shown in the images, it features eye-catching detailing and iconic upward-acting doors. The Tumbler doesn’t have a workable engine but kids can get in its cockpit, and with built-in amp, its acceleration pedal can bring you actual V12 sound effect. The Batmobile was built with wood, MDF, tires and other materials. The crafter has released a complete guide on instructables so you can also build your own Tumbler based on the steps. BTW, also don’t miss the Batmobile baby stroller and more cool stuff by following tags.

A Life-Size Batmobile Tumbler A Life-Size Batmobile Tumbler

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