how to cut snowflakes {video tutorial + free templates}

In today’s post: Learn how to make paper snowflakes and download six different paper snowflake patterns!

One of our favorite holiday traditions growing up was cutting out paper snowflakes. Every year we would set aside one evening to sit around the dinner table and cut designs, making enough snowflakes to tape up on all the windows so that even if it didn’t snow it would still look festive. This year I taught my own kids how to cut paper snowflakes, and they’re hooked! Today I’m sharing a video to teach you how to cut your own snowflakes, as well as 6 templates so you can create the designs you see below.

How to make paper snowflakes! Click through to print out the paper snowflake patterns.

Cutting paper snowflakes is a great indoor activity for kids – it’s quick, inexpensive, and easy enough for kids to do on their own, and the finished snowflakes are beautiful. These are what your snowflakes will look like if you use my printable templates:

How to make paper snowflakes! Click through to print out the paper snowflake patterns.


Paper snowflake patterns

The top two (diamonds and star) are the easiest to cut since they only use straight lines, and most school age kids should be able to handle cutting them on their own once you’ve taught them how. The middle ones (lace and hearts) are a little harder, while the ones on the bottom (snowmen and forest) will require some help from adults.

However, you don’t have to use these patterns. Half the fun of making snowflakes is folding the paper and cutting out whatever shapes you can think of, then unfolding the paper to see how it turns out! I recommend using tracing paper for cutting out snowflakes, especially for kids. It’s much easier to cut through than printer paper. You’ll also want a pair of scissors for each person and the patterns and a pen (if you’d like to use them).

Printable paper snowflake templates and tracing paper and scissors

You can download the templates by clicking here. Print them out on cardstock at 100% or full size, and cut out whichever one you’d like to use (cut on all the lines).

How to make paper snowflakes

Watch this video to learn how to fold the paper and cut snowflakes. The video covers making snowflakes using the templates AND making snowflakes using your own designs.

Tips for cutting snowflakes

  • It’s easier to cut through the folded paper if you open the scissors up wide instead of trying to cut with just the tips of the scissors.
  • You can cut all the way across the folded paper twice: once at the pointed end, and once at the other end. All your other cuts should start and end on the same side (if you cut all the way through anywhere else you’ll end up with a tiny snowflake!).
  • Some readers have pointed out that real snowflakes have six sides and these paper snowflakes actually have eight. That’s true! It’s just easier for kids to fold them this way (half then half again) instead of trying to fold the paper into thirds, but you could certainly do that instead if you’d like.
  • Iron the snowflakes flat using medium heat, then hang them from the ceiling with thread or tape them on the walls or windows.

How to make paper snowflakes! Click through to print out the paper snowflake patterns.

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