kid made drum set and kazoo {easy indoor craft}

I really do love it when all my kids are home from school for the summer. Most of the time, that is. When they’ve told me they’re bored eighty thousand times in ten minutes I start to love it a little less… I usually tell them to head outside when they’re bored, but there are times when either the weather or seasonal allergies keeps us indoors, and that’s why I like to have a stock of easy kid crafts to turn them loose on. Today I’m sharing a kid-made drum set and kazoo. Both are super easy to make using inexpensive materials you probably already have at home.

Girl playing tin can drums and popsicle stick kazoo

Tin can drums are easy to make, and using graduated sized cans means kids can actually play different notes.

Drum set made from tin cans covered with balloons

My daughter has requested that I tie them all together so she can wear them around her neck while marching around the house.

Girl playing DIY drumset

Add in the kazoo and she’s a one man band! One girl band. One person band. You get the idea.

Girl playing DIY drumset and kazoo

Here’s a video that shows how to make the drumset (written instructions follow):

To make the drums, you will need:

  • cans
  • safety can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges – I ordered this one from Amazon and I really like it!
  • balloons – I used 7 inch balloons on smaller cans and 9 inch balloons on larger cans
  • rubber bands
  • dowels and beads for drumsticks (optional)

DIY drumset supplies: tin cans, balloons, scissors, rubber bands, wood dowel and wood beads

To make a drum, take the top off a can using the safety can opener, remove the contents, and wash and dry the can. Then cut the bottom off a balloon and stretch it tight over the open top of the can. Secure the balloon with a rubber band, and your drum is ready to play!

To make drumsticks, I bought dowels at the craft store and beads with holes the same diameter as the dowels. I just used school glue to glue the dowels into the beads.

Girl playing DIY kazoo made with craft sticks and rubber bands

The kazoo is really easy to make as well!

Steps for making craft stick kazoo

1 – Gather two large popsicle sticks, two toothpicks, one thick rubber band and two thin rubber bands. 2 – Put the thick rubber band around a popsicle stick, end to end as shown in the photo. Slide a toothpick under the rubber band close to one end, as shown. 3 – Place the second popsicle stick on top of the first one and secure them together with a thin rubber band. 4 – Place the other toothpick between the popsicle sticks at the other end (this one above the thick rubber band) and secure than end with another rubber band. 5 – Trim the points off the toothpicks. Blow or hum into the kazoo to make noise.

One more easy indoor craft activity to have in your pocket next time weather, allergies, or colds keep your kids inside!

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Girl playing DIY drumset and package of boogie wipes


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A girl holding package of boogie wipes

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