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I’m lucky; my kids love school. It means heading back to school is exciting and fun for all of us–they can’t wait to see their friends and I can’t wait to go grocery shopping alone. (Alone! With no one asking me for anything. It’s amazing, people.) But getting back into the swing of homework can be a little challenging. That nightly reading assignment can be tough, especially for early readers. You know, when it takes multiple lifetimes for them to sound out each word and you’re wondering if you’ll ever make it to the end of the year, let alone through September.

Early reading can be discouraging for kids, meaning they’re not always thrilled to be doing it every day. To make the whole process a little more fun, I’ve made some free printable punch card bookmarks.

These printable punchcard bookmarks are a great way to track and encourage reading minutes!

Kids can punch out a star each time they read, and then when their bookmark is completely punched, they earn a reward.

Bookmarks that say READ and have stars on them to be punched out

Hopefully it will encourage them to want to read each day, and help you track how much they’ve read (am I the only mom who cannot seem to fill out that dang reading calendar every month?) If you pick the right rewards, you may even be able to make reading enticing for the most reluctant readers.

Boy reading a book with a punch card bookmark

I made two printable pages for you, each with bookmarks in three different colors. One page has room for 20 punches on each bookmark, because usually teachers require kids to read 5 days/wk (or 20 days each month). The second page has room for 7 punches on each bookmark, which might be better for younger kids who will do better if they are rewarded a little more often.

Printable punchcard bookmarks; ribbon, scissors, hold punch

To assemble, print the bookmarks onto cardstock or other heavy weight paper. Cut out a bookmark, punch a hole in the top, and add ribbon. Ready!

A stack of books with a punchcard bookmark

You can download the weekly version (with room for 7 punches) by clicking here.

Bookmark printable

You can download the monthly version (with room for 20 punches – 5 days/wk) by clicking here.

Printable bookmarks


Kids holding books with punch card bookmarks

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