Tripod for Laptop

Your tripod is resting in your closet? Maybe we have some other ways to keep the tripod busy such as the tripod for laptop.

Tripod for Laptop


Mikeasaurus, an artist in residence came up with the unique laptop stand idea. As we can see from the images, the tripod has been modified in order to be used to hold mikeasaurus laptop just like a raised laptop stand. And with the help of the adjustable tripod, the laptop can be freely raised up or down to fit the user’s height. The materials for the tripod modification are scrap wood, wood glue, extra tripod quick-release, rubber tubing, wood screws, hex head bolt, and 1/4″ tee nut. Not too complex, and the steps have been pulsed by the artist. If you also want to make a laptop tripod.

Tripod for Laptop

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