unicorn masks to print and color {free printable}

I have a six-year-old daughter who likes to craft. It’s fun to see her puttering around with colored pencils and scissors and glue (and glitter and paper straws and anything else she can find in my craft room). Honestly, I love it. But there are a few problems. Problem Number 1: this girl can make a mess! I thought my boys were bad, what with their strewing of legos all over the house for me to step on at night (yow!). But goodness, this girl makes a mess with a capital M when she starts cutting things up in tiny pieces. Which brings us to Problem Number 2: If I don’t keep her well supplied with coloring pages and mom-approved craft ideas she’ll raid my craft room and start cutting up and gluing together whatever she finds (including projects I’m in the middle of!).

So I try to dream up easy craft ideas that are fun for her to work on, but also easy to clean up. Last Halloween I made some printable Halloween masks that kids can color in themselves, and she loved them. I followed those up with a Christmas version, which was also a hit. So here’s the latest print and color mask installment: a unicorn.

A unicorn mask template, child holding a paper unicorn mask she has colored

These cute DIY unicorn masks kept my daughter and her friend happy for almost 2 hours the other day while I was getting some work done.

Girls wearing paper unicorn masks

These easy DIY masks are perfect for younger school age kids because they get to color, they get to cut, they get to punch out eye holes, and they get to staple on elastic. Lots of fun for them with limited supplies and limited mess for me!

Paper unicorn masks that have been colored, with fake flowers

We even glued flowers onto some of the masks, which took them from awesome to amazing, at least according to the six-year-old girls. I think this would be a really fun (and inexpensive!) birthday party activity.

Girl wearing a print + color unicorn mask

Free printable unicorn mask coloring page

Click here to download the free printable DIY unicorn mask coloring page. This is a pdf file sized to print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Print it out at 100% or full size, and I highly recommend printing on cardstock so the mask will be a bit sturdier.

Unicorn mask template with flowers and colored pencils

You will also need about 15 inches of 1/4 inch wide elastic and a stapler. A 1-inch hole punch also comes in handy for punching out the eye holes, but if you don’t have one you can cut the eye holes out with scissors.

How to make a DIY unicorn mask

The masks are very simple to put together! Let kids color them in first, then cut them out. Use a 1-inch hold punch to punch out the black eye holes (I like this one from Amazon because it reaches the eye holes with no trouble – if you order a different punch just be sure to check how far it can reach from the edge of the paper. The eye holes on this mask are 1/2 an inch from the edge of the paper to the closest edge of the eye, and 1 full inch to the center of the eye. It looks like this punch should work too). Then just staple a 15 inch piece of 1/4 inch wide elastic to each side of the mask.

Cutting out paper unicorn mask, using large hold punch to punch out eye holes, adding elastic

If you’d like to add flowers, just snip individual blooms from stems of artificial flowers and hot glue them on (we purchased flowers from the dollar store). Happy unicorn crafting!

A girl wearing a unicorn mask

Unicorn mask template and unicorn mask that has been colored in





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