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What To Do When You’re Bored

Our free B-O-R-E-D Printable provides 5 things to do when boredom strikes! No more wondering what to do when you’re bored this summer, or anytime of the year! 

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The solution to Summer Boredom

Our second week of summer has been great so far. I really enjoy having my kids home during the day, and it’s nice having the option to plan and do whatever we want. But I kind of have a love/hate relationship with lazy summer days-

I love sleeping in, I love lounging in my pajamas, and I love not having a school schedule to stick to. (Plus, not having homework each weeknight is pretty much icing on the cake!)

But I hate wasting a day being unproductive, I hate how messy my house gets when we’re home all day, I hate when kids fight over silly things and I hate when they ask to eat every 20 minutes just because they are bored!

Summer Sanity Savers for Mom

One idea I decided to implement this year to help tackle summer boredom and days of laziness is this fun BORED acronym printable.

In my home, we call this “The-Chart-That-Must-Be-Complete-Before-X-Box-Is-Turned-On”. This nifty little printable is a great way to offer some variety to your summer days. No more screen-time all day, every day.

…Because lazy summer days are great, but lazy summer months make me want to pull my hair out! 😉

Here is how it works –

What to do when you’re bored

Materials Needed – 

  • free B-O-R-E-D printable (download below)
  • frame (optional) 

Directions – 

  1. Download, print, and frame the BORED printable.
  2. Display it where your kids can see it.
  3. Encourage them to do 1 or more of the ideas mentioned, either if they are bored or as an incentive before they turn the electronics on.

…so simple!

what to do when you're bored this summer

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